LEJOG - Day 10: Moffat to Loch Lomond

May 28, 2013
Posted by: stu
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Not long to go now, we departed moffat at 08:30 as its 80 miles.

Windy day, crosswinds and headwinds but a warm day of 20 degrees and im sunburnt and tanned.

Got to the first brew stop at 21 miles in after been on the bumpiest road ever. Im surprised nowt fell off!


View from brew stop.

Onwards to the lunch stop which was at Bar Milano and for some reason wasnt expecting us but the buffet came out fast which consisted of sandwiches, pizza and sausage rolls. Home made of course. Lovely.


Onwards to Glasgow and the picture of river clyde. Alot of Navigation on NCN routes 75 and 7.

20 miles of cycle paths through glasgow and eventually arrive at brew stop 2. Situated next to the canal.


10 miles on and arrived in balloch at woodvale B&B.

80 miles done.

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