LEJOG - Day 14: The Crask to John O Groats

May 28, 2013
Posted by: stu
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Weather sunny and slight headwind.

Last 82 miles out of 1000.

Stayed at Lairg Saddlers House B&B which was 13 miles out of Crask and some staying at the crask and others at Altnaharra.

Started at 09:00 and chased down the other group which i caught them 47 mins in felt really strong today. Managed 23mph over 28 miles. Partly helped by downhill bits along the way.

1st brew stop in lovely sunshine and slight wind.

55 miles to go.

Onwards to lunch stop at Melvich Hotel which was pasta sandwiches and soup.

Headwind making it an unpleasant ride as alot of lumpy long hills along the way.

Stopped at thurso with the others who had cake whilst i just had something to drink.

Onwards to John O Groats where i hopped behind a tractor for 5 miles which was awesome at 25 mph all the way. After it turned off it was the next 10 miles in a headwind managed 18mph avg though!

Stopped at the pub 7 miles out and waiting for everything to roll into the finish together where champagne was had and photos followed.

Brilliant 14 days.

Data to follow from garmin.

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