Chris Barnard

Jun 4, 2013
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It all started with the fixie trike. You know the ones with the solid front wheel with pedals attached that could go forwards and backwards, only mine had a Phil Reed Sticker on the seat to encourage speed from an early age! A quick progression through BMX's and homemade ramps to a Peugoet Racer and then Mountain bikes starting with a Marin Palisades Trail and finishing with a Cannondale Full sus' before migrating back to the road bikes I have come to feel more at home on (fancy a cross though...). 
I joined the club in August 2009. It doesn't feel that long; quite scary really! I started out with the club runs, taking part every Sunday until the training rides emerged but find myself returning to the club runs again - must be the attraction of coffee and cake - a staple of every cyclist, surely? Capheaton cafe was always a favourite, for the dedication to cyclists, but i'm fond of Blanchland too and the Greek restaurant in Hexham that we found by accident one trip when the regular spot was closed. 
I have to say I prefer the hills to flatter routes, to the disgust of everyone I beat to the weekly post with a route suggestion, and more so since the weight loss that befalls many a regular cyclist, but more still since the prospect of the annual Alps trip presented itself.
I commute occasionally but it is nearly 50 miles round trip now, so tend not to bother too often. Riding has become a weekly activity of a Sunday morning and as many evenings as permitted mid week in the summer and weather permitting too, but my relationship with the Turbo trainer has become cemented more recently, in the winter months to keep the miles and fitness up, though its place in the dining room is now in question.
Given previous experience of committees, I offered to support quite soon after joining the club with the running of it, and within very little time was appointed Chairman. There has been tremendous enthusiasm and committment from a range of members to support with running and growing the club with a large cohort now sharing the load and over recent years the club has enjoyed growth in membership and activity not experienced for a long time, and is not showing any signs of slowing down. 
I have to say I'm looking forward to many more years helping support the club and benefitting from it, and indeed riding my bike, as much as I can and preferably in the sun.
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