Sunderland Clarion is affiliated to Audax UK and has a growing audax section. We’ve put together this information page to explain how it works and hopefully get you involved.
AUK is the association that oversees the running of Audaxes (long distance cycling events) within the UK. Participants need not be members of AUK to enter events, however they'll need to make a supplementary payment for insurance purposes for each ride (see AUK website for details).

What is an Audax Ride?

Audaxes are non-competitive rides i.e. no placing’s or times are published, however there are times limits with max/min speeds (speed/distances are metric). An Audax ride is unsupported, no SAG wagon to bail you out, so participants need to be self-sufficient and correctly equipped especially on the longer rides. Route sheets are provided for navigation guidance, however GPS is being increasingly used.
On a typical calendar event, a rider will navigate a route and pass through a series of controls points within specified time windows. The Audaxes vary in distances ranging, on average, from 50-1400km so there's something for everyone (there are longer rides if these distances aren't enough of a challenge!). The Audax Altitude Awards (AAA) are for hilly events e.g. a 100km route would have at least 1500m of climbing.  If you see an event stated as AAA you're in for a lumpy ride!
The link below is to AUK’s FAQ page which gives more in depth guidance to Audaxing.

Find an event

AUK publishes a list of calendar events on their website, see link below. Calendar rides are organised events and the organiser will provide the details such as route guides and often pre and post ride refreshments. The rides can be entered by following the relevant information in the ride details published on the calendar.

Do it yourself - DIY Rides

DIY’s are routes planned, following AUK guidelines, by individual riders. These are validated by the rider collecting “Proof of Passage” (e.g. a receipt with date & time stamp), alternatively a DIY GPS can be planned and the track log would be the “PoP”. These rides are handy for plugging gaps between Calendar Events. See link below for further information.



Local Audax Organiser

Joe Applegarth, of Houghton Cycling Club, is the local Audax UK organiser. Joe's contact details are on the AUK website. 
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