Bill Fisher

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This 10 mile TT trophy is in remembrance of club stalwart Bill Fisher who died at the age of 67 in April 2003, and it was donated to the club by Bill’s immediate family.  
Bill had joined the Clarion in the early 1950’s when the club had basement rooms at Frederick Street in the town centre.   It was a period of time when there was a strong influx of new members.  Bill soon became one of an enthusiastic handful of those new members who, together with some of the then already current members, helped to develop a Clarion club whose main activities centred around Sunday rides, hostelling and social evenings in to one that was soon to be recognized also as a strong racing club in the region. 
However, the ever increasing successes in open events which the club enjoyed did not affect the social and fun-loving side of the club and the racing lads continued to be no less an integral part of this traditional aspect of club life.
Bill in later years converted from riding a bike to riding a trike, no matter whether it be for normal riding or time trialling, and indeed with regard to time trialling he still holds more than respectable existing club time trialling records for the tricycle at 10-, 25-, 50- and 100 miles and at 12 hours. 
However, Bill will chiefly be remembered for his outstanding promotional and organizing skills in the numerous high profile racing events he undertook on behalf of the club. These included six annual Echo Grand Prix 75mls road races (1987 - ’92), a series of five annual Sunderland Town Centre criteriums (1988 - ’92) as well as the North of England Cyclo-Cross Championship held on the Tunstal Hills, which was also within these periods. 
Prior to this Bill had also staged a Washington town criterium, which featured a show-piece tricycle event; surely the first time such an event has taken place in the north east!  And one could go on, for there were further open road races sponsored by Silver Screen, a Newcastle-based print firm, which followed on from when Echo Newspapers ceased their sponsorship. 
Suffice it to say that Bill was unrivalled when it came to putting on events with flair and imagination, and especially so when coupled to his undoubted promotional and organizing skills.
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