Club Kit

All of our club kit is produced by Endura - with all of the typical items available. We make two orders per year (one for summer and one for winter) but the club also maintains a stock of the more common items in popular sizes.




Hoodies are now available to order. Cost per hoodie is £35, Juniors £28.

Please download and check the size guide before ordering. Orders to be in by 28/2/16. 

If you would like to place an order please let Charlie Monchatre know size and quantity before the 28th of February. You can place your order on the Sunderland Clarion Facebook page by responding to the post or PM Charlie directly. Alternatively contact us by email.

Note the clarion badge and lettering at the back will be stitched on and not printed.

New Club Kit

The new club kit is now available to order from Endura. Members can order the items they require directly from the Endura site. To do this it is necessary to set up an Endura account for each member.

If you wish to place an order in the first instance we need the following details:

  • first name
  • surname
  • email
  • contact phone number.

Send details by private message to Charlie Monchatre or to and he will get you set up. You will then receive your login details.

Our first order of the new club kit has now been delivered. Please make sure you have paid in full before collecting kit.

We have additional stock of the new kit available for purchase:

P4005C Road Jersey S/S (conc' zip) S x 1 £49.50

P4005C Road Jersey S/S (conc' zip) M x 1 £49.50

P4005 Road Jersey S/S (full zip) S x 3 £47.30

P4005 Road Jersey S/S (full zip) M x 2 £47.30

P4005 Road Jersey S/S (full zip) XL x 1 £47.30

P4006 Road Jersey L/S (full zip) S x 1 £53.90

P4006 Road Jersey L/S (full zip) M x 1 £53.90

P6065 Premium Training Jersey S/S L x 1 £64.90

P4082 Premium Bib Shorts 1 x M £73.70

P4033 Roubaix® Jacket S x 1 £60.50

P4033 Roubaix® Jacket M x 1 £60.50

P4021 Thermal Arm Warmers S x 1 £19.80

P4022 Multi Tube One size x 2 £9.90                                                          

P4070 Mitts M x 10 - yet to be delivered £19.80

P4070 Mitts L x 7 - yet to be delivered £19.80

P6029 WT Aero Overshoes M x 2 £31.90

P6029 WT Aero Overshoes L x 2 £31.90  

Old Kit Sale

We still have a number of current kit items available at a discount of 50%.

Please note that the current club kit will still need to be worn at any British Cycling Races this year.

Thermal Arm Warmers P4021 £21.60, now £10.80
1 x med

Mitts £19.20, now £9.60
3 x medium

Windtext Premium Gilet P4052 £54.00, now £27.00
1 x small 

Premium Wintex Jacket P4017 £82.80, now £41.40
1 x small
1 x medium

Leisure Wear

Kooga Polo Shirts £15.00
1 x xs
2 x small
3 x Medium

Hoodies £35.00

Size 10 Womens:
1 x Small
2 x Medium

Next Order!

Orders are being taken now for Spring 2016 kit.
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