Kenneth Price

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The Kenneth Price 10 miles memorial trophy differs from the club’s four other time trial memorial trophies in that, unlike the others, it is not competed for in one particular event in the racing calendar.  It is instead awarded to the club rider who has produced the fastest 10 miles time trial by the end of the season. 

The trophy itself is in remembrance of Ken Price who died in 2001.  Ken, although not a club member, not only supported his club member son Carl wherever and whenever he could when Carl was competing, but he was also drawn to taking an interest in the club’s welfare and was a welcome supporter and helper at the many club races that were put on by the club some years ago. 
When Ken died his colleagues at the Sunderland Corporation Bus Company where he worked, knowing how keenly he supported his son, kindly subscribed towards and donated this trophy to the club to perpetuate Ken’s memory.
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