Riding Tips

What must I have to join a club ride?

  • A helmet - it's club policy. They are very affordable - ask on the forum if you need advice. 
  • 3rd party public liability insurance - again it's club policy. Cheap insurance is available, please see the forum or email us for advice. British Cycling offer a great discount for members of affiliated clubs - see the Contact Us page for more info.
  • A bike that's in good working order - don't worry about the type, just select an appropriate ride and be reasonably confident your kit will make it through. Unforeseen things always happen, but a bit of prep work can make sure your ride doesn't end too early!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be able to ride in a group?

Yes - but don't worry, it's easy and comes naturally. Never let this be a reason not to come along, you can't practice on your own and we can help with plenty of advice and encouragement. 

Guidelines for enjoying the rides

  • Riders meeting for a specific club ride (i.e. the 'normal' or 'faster club rides) should appoint a ride leader at the beginning of the day. The ride leader will be responsible for selecting the route (unless already pre-agreed), regulating the speed of the group, and ensuring all participants remain together and ride safely. It is worth noting that individual participants are responsible for their of actions - the ride leader is merely a guide to allow the club ride to move safely and successfully from the start of the ride to the destination of choice.
  • A 'sweeper' may be appointed by the ride leader to cycle at the back of the group to maintain cohesion and signal to the rest of the group if someone is falling behind.
  • All riders are reminded that they MUST wear a helmet when participating in Sunderland Clarion CC activities.
  • Behaviour not conducive to good relations with other road users should be discouraged (i.e. obey the rules of the road, don't jump red lights, ride no more than two abreast, etc).
  • Do not use mobile phones, headphones or any other device that may distract a rider whilst on group rides, it's anti social and dangerous
  • Don't drop litter or otherwise cause damage to the beautiful surroundings we are fortunate enough to ride in.
  • If you feel provoked by another road user keep calm this will prevent any escalation in the situation
  • Any rider under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian on club rides
  • Any rider under 18 MUST have signed consent from a parent or guardian before embarking on club rides.
  • It is the ethos of the club not to leave anyone behind on a club ride (this excludes training rides).

These points should hopefully allow our club rides to continue safely and to the benefit and enjoyment of all participants. Enjoy your cycling!

Discounted British Cycling Membership

One of the best ways to access third party cover and support cycling is to join BC. Members of an affiliated club can receive a discount - find out more on the Contact Us page.
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